Our Departments

Aim of Higher Vocational Schools
Vocational Schools train personnel for two sectors;

To train qualified personnel for Industry Search:
To train qualified personnel backbone of Industry in the country, bridge between engineers and workers, performing the production, reading and understanding the projects, providing industrialists to follow the developing technology, training people who can think and perform these thoughts, having practical and analytical thinking, transferning these toughts to the paper, having the maximum ability to use the technological machine park.
To train qualified personnel to Service Industry:
To train qualified personnel loving people, enchancing the quality for personnel service and satisfaction is very important for Vocational Schools.

Information Security and Software Development
Programme of Information Security :
In our school education is provided about software development and information security in Programme of Information Security.
In this respect, as a summary, main aim of the Higher Vocational Schools is to train staff questioning, productive, responsible, equppied with technical knowledge and skills.
In this respect local people, local goverment, private and public corporations help and support Eskipazar Vocational School. General Directorate of Forestry has been a sister school. Eskipazar Vocational School can use forest fire tools and equipments owing to permission of Municipality, District Governor.